Friday, 3 June 2011


10 PRACTICE OF OFF (CONTRARY TO ISLAM)Sometimes we find that the practice of reverse or opposite of what should be done & claimed by Islam.Maybe we are not aware or cultural vogue in the lives of others. For that ... Let -2 We begin repair OFF THE PRACTICE EXAMPLE:

 1.  Practice safe / feast a few nights after his brother / family / neighbors we pass (the first night, second, third, seventh and so on) is inverted with Rasulullah organized by SAW: Rasulullah which organized the neighbors to cook food and drinks to the bereaved families to alleviate difficulties they are sad. But what happened?, Grief stricken family have had to provide food & buy all things come to those who read Tahlil / DOA & lessons. Do they attend & food eaten is not worried orphan left by the death or inheritance is dead is not distributed to the right according to Islam?
 2.  If you come to the reception / wedding party / Circumcision often contain gifts / money when shaking hands. If you do not have money so we hesitated to go. But if you come to the place of the dead, we are not ashamed to shake hands with no content / money. When we should come to the place of the passed away We should give charity. In fact, if the reception / wedding party / circumcision, not memberipun not any. Because the host invited for the blessing of the bride & not to increase revenue.
3.  When it comes to a building / luxury homes, or attending meetings with officials, dressed in a nice, neat & beautiful, but when facing God either at home or the mosque, the clothes are the clothes worn pickup. Is not this an act of reverse?
 4.  When visiting a home is a cake or drinking, we feel ashamed for eating away, but the claim is that if a meal is not eaten will become redundant and not pleasant host.
 5.  If the Sunnah prayers at the mosque is very hard but if at home, lazy. While the best of Sunnah Prayers are performed at home as recommended by the Prophet in order to avoid feeling seen / showroom.

 6.  Fasting month is the month to educate the passions, including excessive appetite, but most people recognize that the cost of meals and expenses during the fasting month was the highest in a year. Though supposed to be the lowest. Did not we reverse the practice?
 7.  If for the exercise of worship HAJI, before leaving, many people make safe / Do 'a joint, but after returning from the Hajj, DOA It's not common to give thanks. Organised jointly DOA / safety in Islam is because of them survived the journey / journey 's not that much to travel. Not reverse this practice? Or we have other purposes?
 8.  All parents will be disappointed if their children fail the test. Then find & diantarlah children to the course despite the high cost. But if children can not READ the Koran, they are not trying to find / deliver children to the place of course read the Qur'an or Islamic studies course.If teachers are willing to pay Rp course. 300.000, - per month for one lesson and 8 meetings, but to teach lessons that Ustadz only Rp. 50.000, - per month for 20 meetings. Did not we reverse the practice? We should be more embarrassed if the child can not read the Qur'an or prayers from the not pass the test.

9.  Day and night, summer-rain storm, morning-afternoon WORK We push God and to comply with work rules. But to the house of Allah (mosque) do not rain no heat, no lunch, no dinner, but did not come to the mosque. Really shameless people like this, but the provision He asked to stop by his home-shy and lazy ..
10.  A wife if you want to go home with her husband or not, may be beautiful decorated. But if at home ...? While the claim that a wife for her husband decorated and not for others. Act to reverse this practice is less a happy home.Enough with the examples above. Let We accept chest actually.Let's move on to the truth we live according to the foundation and we are in fact IslamThe taste is not altered following the We.We created God, let God determine the rules we live ..Rasulullah SAW: "To My message even though only one verse."