Tuesday, 31 May 2011

rEcyCle redUce reuSe

By practicing the 3R (reduction, reuse and recycle), we can avoid wasting resources in the world. The loss of resources in the end called "limited resources".

For example, the amount of oil is limited where we can make plastic and aluminum ore to make drinks cans. By practicing the 3R we can save finite resources in the future in addition to reducing the amount of waste by following these tips.


  -Only buy what you need:
    Reduce unnecessary purchases. Do not buy items that are rarely used. Buy local products.
  -Buy products that can be recycled:
    Buy products in bottles (glass) and rechargeable batteries.
  -Buy versatile cleaners:
    This reduces the purchase of various types of detergent for each use.
  - Buy products with less packaging:
    Packages of less will reduce the waste dumped. Support packages of paper.
  - Sell ​​or donate goods (in good condition) that is used:
    Do not keep, discard or burn items that are not used.
  -  Buy non-toxic products:
    Many toxic products such as engine oil, polish, paint and pesticides can not be reused. Spend the use of toxic materials before discarding the container.
    -Use of alternative materials to replace hazardous / toxic:
    Washing soda mixed with vinegar and olive oil with lemon is a good furniture polish.


1    Bags can be reused for shopping and storing items at home.
2    Envelopes can be reused by attaching a new address on the old address. It can also be used as scrap paper.
3    Containers can be used to store the goods at home.
4    Paper and cardboard can be used for lamination and store the goods at home. The paper can be used stain paper. Do not forget to recycle when no longer applies.
5    Old clothes can be used as the base cushion, tablecloth or cloth rags.
6    Old wood can be used as craft material. Do not burn this wood. Open burning is wrong in law.
7    Old tires can be given to the tire shop for recycling.


 *   Recycling a house:
        Always look at the items that can be recycled. Sort materials according to type. Use the recycling bins available to dispose of the materials can be recycled.
        Try to find a way to recycle all materials such as paper, plastic, glass and loam. Other materials such as furniture, electronic goods, construction materials and vehicles can also be recycled.
        Buy products that use recycled products.
    Recycling on your site:
        Recycling of garden items and environmental tree planting can improve your site. Mengkompos, the decomposition of the materials can be destroyed, to be re-used as fertilizer on the site. It is the best way to reduce kitchen waste.
        Recycling grass is a simple way to return nutrients to the soil when grass clippings are left to decay.
    Recycling in a community:
        Recycling center: provides space and facilities for the community to send materials for recycling.
        Schools and business: may play an important role. Both can be a reference point and create awareness about recycling.
        Community projects: the activities carried out to improve and increase recycling activities.

me and color

purple is my favorite color. what is the color is purple, the color purple is enough to calm my heart if I have a problem. when I was in a stressful situation, I would look at things the color purple. This purple color can soothe eyes and my heart.
I became interested in this purple color as the first school years, I have the color purple round. building, the library, cafeteria, all painted with the color purple. from there I became interested is the color purple. when they feast I will choose the color purple shirts. If I can not find my favorite color, I would be more somber.
other than the color purple, my interest is light blue. I prefer love stories of soft colors for the soft color to soothe my heart. but I'm more interested in the color purple.
I'm not a fan of the colors are very bright colors because it will make me so happy about. When I see a very bright colors are colors that seem to highlight the colors in ourselves.

what matters now is me with the color purple is more compatible in my life. I love the color purple than any other color. the color of my interest but not the same as how I love the color purple. My family also have the same interest like me. interest in the color purple. so much so that my castle was my father paint the color purple.purple color is the most delicious colors for us to look for colors that will soothe my life. I like purple.
the color purple is my life. i love purple ...