Sunday, 26 June 2011

Ella EncHaNted !!!!

Characters in the movie
*      Ella
*      Prince Charmont
*      Arieda (Ella friend)
*      Sir Peter (father)
*      Lucinda (Fairy)
*      Dame Olga (stepmother)
*      Hattie (stepsister)
*      Olive (stepsister)
*      Mandy
What I think the characters in the movie
Ella bewitched since childhood by Lucinda (fairy). Since then, Ella will obey commands when he heard that commands him. Ella will be in accordance with the instructions without volunteers. Ella cared for and educated by his father after the death of a beloved mother. his father was married to Dame Olga and Ella had two half sister who always bully. Areda is good friends with Ella is always difficult and easy.
Ella is a girl who bewitched. magic hits the Ella needs to be removed with Prince Charmont. Ella lives with her ​​magic on the second led to his half sister took the opportunity to do something bad. Ella has decided to throw his magic when the two half brother and my mother's stepmother told Ella away from her best friend. Will Ella be able to remove magic is in itself and whether Ella could marry Prince Charmont?
Ella can remove his magic when he attempted to remove and face many obstacles that happening to him. Ella also married to Prince Charmont and Ella can live like normal people. Ella can live happily with the Prince Charmont. Ella also re friends with her ​​best friend who all his life only with her ​​best friend. Ella lived happily without interruption step mother and step sister.

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