Thursday, 30 June 2011

maRtiaL aRts

Martial arts to protect students in Malaysia
·                                                                                           Karate
·                                                                                              Silat
·                                                                                         Silambam
·                                                                                           Kung-fu
·                                                                                        Taekwondo
·                                                                                                Judu
Students need to learn martial arts to protect themselves. with the martial arts is to get rid of their unwanted occurs. especially on women because women are the most vulnerable people with everything that happened. martial arts can be learned at school or any institution or ipta in every state. martial arts is very important for us to learn because it is very useful in the future if there is an emergency that happened to us. conclusion of martial arts is very important for all students regardless of lapiasan or outsiders for this martial arts is very important for our personal safety.

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